Pennies to Heaven

It takes a matter of moments for a penny to fall — full moments, with spins and swoops and clatters as a bit of metal loses a battle with gravity.

Lloyd stared, living in each of those full moments. The graceful leap as the coin left her hand. The melodic jingle as it fell among its compatriots, muffled by surrounding paper.

He muttered, something that cold equally be taken as thanks or curse, but she was gone — she was a relic of ancient history among the quick lives of little coins. That was well enough: the temptation to explain in great deal the contempt that a single penny could convey and the mathematics of how penny after penny doesn’t really add up to anything at all was not an appropriate conversation Lloyd should have in the here and now.

Those conversations were dangerous, after all. Those conversations brought Mickey round to check up on things. Mickey didn’t care to roust a man as long as there were no problems, but one belligerent outburst and Mickey’s cares ceased to enter into the entire arrangement. Lloyd would greatly prefer to leave Mickey out of things.

It was no matter how tall the pennies stacked. A crazy, teetering tower straight up to Heaven could not carry Lloyd with it.

Image by Flickr user Lee Nachtigal


About maekrukin

A humble arranger of words and images. Marginally humble, that is.
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